Sean C. Hayes
Partner/Co-Chair, Korea Practice Team
(NY Attorney-at-Law)

Mobile: +82-10-8981-9518
Office: +82-70-7847-9050 (English)
Office: +82-2-585-5253 (한국어)

About Sean C. Hayes

The Korean Law Blog is brought to you by New York attorney Sean Hayes.

NY Attorney Sean Hayes grew up in Connecticut and New York to an Irish-immigrant father and an Italian mother. He is a U.S. and Irish National. He is a permanent resident of Korea.

Sean Hayes is the first and only non-Korean to be employed as an attorney by the Korean Court System (Constitutional Court of Korea) and one of the first non-Koreans to be a full-time regular member of a Korean law faculty.

He is rated as one of only two non-Koreans as a Leading Attorney in Korea by LawAsia. He is, also, rated a leading attorney by numerous other attorney rating services.

He is known over his 15+ years in Korea for his aggressive advocacy and candid NY-style street-smart advice.

Sean is, also, one of the few attorneys in Asia that has experience managing non-consulting companies and working as an HR Manager. He worked as an interim General Manager/Director for Oil & Gas, New Tech, Pharmaceutical, Franchise and Manufacturing companies.

He regularly appears in and is quoted by international media organizations including the NY Times, Wall Street Journal and international law journals.

In his free time Sean enjoys playing golf, sailing, drinking craft beers and carousing with his rowdy friends.

Sean's firm is, often, chosen over the ubiquitous Korean Law Firms when non-conflicted and aggressive representation is essential for success.

Sean and his Firm have been recognized by numerous legal publications and rating agencies.

Sean and IPG have successfully brought into Asia numerous brands, oil & gas, manufacturers, real estate companies, franchises, entertainment companies and new-tech companies.

Sean and IPG have, also, been involved in some of the most noteworthy contentious matters via arbitration and litigation in Asia.  IPG attorneys have worked on cases in Korea, China, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Cambodia, the Philippines and the United States.