[News] Ex-governor Found Guilty and Sentenced for Rape

The Supreme Court reached a consensus for former South Chungcheong Province Governor An Hee-jung’s sentence for raping his female assistant, in the nation’s most noteworthy profile #Metoo movement scandal.

The Supreme Court on September 9, 2019 confirmed that An Hee-Jung should serve a 3 ½ year prison sentence for his crime against his secretary.

The Supreme Court stated that “The victim’s testimony is deemed credible given that it is consistent and very detailed without parts that are inconsistent.” The Supreme Court also said that An had abused his high position in order to intimidate Kim whom at the time was his aide and subordinate. He repeatedly assaulted her over and over again from August 2017 to February last year.

Appealing the Lower Court’s prior verdict of not guilty, the Seoul High Court sentenced An to 3 ½ years in prison and also ordered him to participate in a sexual violence treatment program for 40 hours. Prior to the Supreme Court decision, a lower court found An not guilty because it believed that the victim’s claim was not “credible enough.” The Defendant’s team also added that Kim had not acted like a victim after having sexual intercourse with An.

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