Drug Confession on Blog Leads to Bust by Seoul Police

The Marmot’s Hole has a post on how an office worker who posted on his website that he smoked pot in the Netherlands led to the police arresting the individual.

What NOT to post on your blog in Korea

A 38-year-old office worker got a rude introduction to the perils of blogging when he posted about his pot-smoking experience in the Netherlands on his blog [Segye Ilbo, Korean].
You guessed it—the police busted him.

The office worker, identified only as Mr. A, was with two colleagues on a seven-day, six-night business trip to the Netherlands in January. Having completed their work, they were spending the rest of their time in-country doing a little sightseeing when their guide mentioned that while smoking pot in Korea might be illegal, smoking pot in the Netherlands was not punished.

Their curiosity sparked, they paid a visit to a local coffee shop and bought three joints, which they pleasantly smoked.

When he returned to Korea, Mr. A posted about his experience on his blog. Two months later, Seoul’s finest came knocking on his door. On March 20, A and his two co-workers were busted by Seoul Metro’s drug squad on charges of having smoked the wacky tobacky.

A police official explained that based on the principle of personal jurisdiction, you can be busted for doing drugs overseas.


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