The William Tell of Professors Gives the Court a Johnnie Cochran Like Argument


The Sungkyunkwan University professor Kim Myung-ho that William Tell-ed a Judge in mid-January has developed and interesting “if the glove doesn’t fit – acquit” legal strategy for his appeal.

The professor is now claiming that he was only acting in self-defense. He claims he is the victim and the judge is the real assailant, since “Wielding the weapon of judicial rulings, the justice system is creating many judicial victims.” So in memory of Cochran “if the glove doesn’t fit acquit” argument he pulled out his own version “if ruling doesn’t suit -shoot” argument. I doubt the judge will bite Prof. William Tell’s apple.

His lawyer has also made an interesting (fill-in your own word) argument. He is claiming that the crossbow used to shoot the judge was a recreational item and not a dangerous weapon, thus the injury from the shooting was only an accident. So I wonder if bringing the crossbow was also an accident. Both arguments will fail.

The Professor is being strongly supported by the National Association of Professors for Democratic Society. If you look on their website- their logo spells Society -Society. I assume their notion of a democratic society may not be the same as those of us that spell it without two Ts.


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