Honeymoon Divorce to Guam

Appeared in the Korea Times on April 4, 2007

Honeymoon Divorce to Guam

Dear Attorney Sean Hayes: I am a soldier stationed at
Camp Kim. I am married and am in need of a divorce.
We have no children, no property, and my wife does not
want alimony. I am engaged to a Korean woman and we
have planed to get married this summer. I have
explored getting a divorce in Korea, but the time,
cost, and language is a difficulty. My wife also will
not initiate the divorce in the states. She says I
should initiate the divorce. What is the easiest and
most cost effective way to receive a divorce?
Sergeant Hopeful in Korea.

Dear Sergeant Hopeful: One of the most expedient,
straight-forward, and cost effective ways to receive a
divorce is to file your divorce in Guam. Yes, Sergeant
Hopeful –Guam.

A suitable option to your situation is to have your
divorce and honeymoon at the same time in Guam. Of
course you will have to wait to register your marriage
until after the divorce.

Guam is an unincorporated territory of the United
States with beautiful beaches, great diving, a friendly
population, reasonable price hotels and a legal system
that is very hospitable to the legal needs of military
personnel and U.S. and foreign expats. Guam is located
in the Western Pacific and is the largest and most
southern of the Marina Islands. Regular flights are
available to Guam from Incheon.

Under Title 19 Section 8318(b) of the Guam Code one
does not have to be a resident of Guam in order to
obtain a divorce in Guam “if both parties consent in
writing to a divorce or dissolution of their marriage,
a divorce or dissolution may be granted if one of the
parties has resided in Guam for at least seven (7) days
immediately preceding the filing of the complaint.”

Hence, Sergeant Hopefully, to file in Guam for an
uncontested divorce you need to reside in Guam for at
least 6 nights (7days). Additionally, you need to have
you wife agree to the divorce and sign and notarize a
few simple documents. A divorce is normally granted
within a few days of the filing and a Guam divorce is
recognize in all U.S. states and territories and all
nations that recognize U.S. divorces. A non-American
can also file for a Guam divorce.

A simple search on the internet shows that a Guam
Divorce may be obtained from a Guam attorney for less
than $1,500. I recommend that an attorney is employed
to insure that you will not have to make multiple trips
to Guam.


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