Law School Plan May Be Delayed

I was photographed, in what I have been told is the “worst hate in the world,” protesting against the Ministry of Justices selection and quota for law schools next to the President of Kookmin University. They forced me to hold up the English sign, but I was not forced to wear the hat.

A number of universities have formed a union to protest against the plan, some schools are to file a suit at the Constitutional Court, Korea University has threatened to withdrawal its application because the number of students allowed is too small, many students have demonstrated, and numerous articles have been written blasting the plan.

It is probable that the plan will be delayed and the new administration will increase the cap. It will be interesting to see what the Constitutional Court does when a case is filed.

I wrote an article for the Korea Times on the unconstitutionality of a lawyer cap. The article can be found on this blog and HERE.

Many other article appear on this blog concerning this issue. Korea Times also has many good articles on the issue.


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