Survey on Labor Law Violations

In July of 2010, a survey was published by Jungbu Employment and Labor office. The office conducted a survery on 207 companies in Incheon that hired foreigners (non-Koreans), minors and the handicap. I assume they combined the three groups, since they are perceived as the most abused individuals by employers.

The report concluded that:

1. 196 of the 207 employers violated labor law (94.7%);
2. 83 breached a labor law clause requiring a written employment agreement (40%);
3. 66 breached a clause of the labor law requiring employees to pay retirement allowance, wage arrears, yearly and monthly allowances, within 14 days of resignation (31.9%);
4. 36 didn’t pay all wages or yearly allowancess (17.39%);
5. 4 paid wages below the minimum wage of KRW 4,110 per hour.


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