Doing Business in Korea (by Tom Coyner: IPG Legal’s Senior Adviser)

IPG Legal’s Senior Business Adviser – Tom L. Coyner has published the second edition of his book on Korean business. The book is entitled “Doing Business in Korea” and may be purchased through Amazon or at most books stores in Korea.

The book is highly recommended reading for anyone with business interests in Korea.  Sean Hayes has been noted as a contributor to the legal chapter of the book and considers the book a must-have for all doing business with Koreans.

For those not in Korea having difficulty obtaining the book (Amazon only carries a few copies), please contact IPG Legal and we will obtain you a copy.


“Underscored with a deep and nuanced understanding of modern Korean culture, this is a ‘must read’ for any foreigner in Korea.   

    — Robert Fallon, Former Chairman of the Board of  Korea  Exchange Bank

“Examples and practical advice—it’s all here! This book will save you years on the learning curve.”      

    — Jack Lewis, Associate Dean of the Marshall School of Business at USC

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