KORUS FTA and Korean Anti-dumping Speech by American Law Firm Winston & Strawn in Korea

Winston & Strawn LLP attorneys gave an enlightening presentation for Amcham today in Seoul, Korea. Attorneys James P. Durling and Daniel L. Porter discussed KORUS FTA and anti-dumping actions against LG Electronics and Samsung by Maytag.

What motivated me to write this post is a comment by James Durling, who emphatically noted that Republicans should consider dropping their plan to bundle the three pending U.S. FTAs in favor of pushing for the immediate vote on the KORUS FTA. Good point.

The Republicans are pushing to bundle the three FTAs, partly, out of a fear that the Columbia-US FTA may not get to a vote, in the near future, because of the political sensitivity of the Democratic Party to the ratification realities that are plaguing Columbia (strong labor union and violent opposition in Columbia).

The Republicans also wish, before the next election, to get President Obama to sign the FTAs to alleviate labor union scorn. U.S. labor unions,thus, will be unable to, successfully, pit Obama against the Republican nominee on the FTA issues.

One of the three trade agreements being ratisfied is better than none of the three being ratisfied.

Hopefully, the Republican party will consider the nation over political brinkmanship that will likely not help the Republicans prevail in presidential elections in two long years.


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