Definition of and Obligations to Employees under Korea LSA Speech by Korean retired Judge CHEONG and Sean Hayes for AMCHAM Korea


Dear AMCHAM Members,
Entrepreneurs often lack an HR professional in the early years of a business to help keep them out of legal limbo when it comes to employment law. Furthermore, as the employee number grows in the young company, new labor requirements automatically apply – often without the entrepreneur’s noticing the change. To give us an up-to-date, practical understanding of labor laws that have immediate relevancy for small- and medium-sized companies, two partners from J & S Law will give a presentation.

Retired Korean Judge Jin-Gyeong CHEONG, Ph.D., Labor & Employment Law and NY Attorney Sean HAYES, the only non-Korean to work for the Korean court system, will give a presentation on the definition of and the obligations owed to employees under Korean Labor Standards Act.

The presentation is a must for those that enjoy a lively dialogue and/or have or intend to have more than five employees in their organization. Judge Cheong and Sean will be available for questions. Both individuals are known to be very candid and energetic. We are sure that their presentation will not only be enlightening, but will entertain.

Best regards,

AMCHAM Small & Medium Size Enterprises (SME) Committee Co-Chairs
Tom Coyner / Steve McKinney / Tony Michell

Date:      Wednesday, June 8th, 2011
Time:      7:30am – 9:30am
7:30am – 8:00am: Registration / Networking
8:00am – 9:30am: Breakfast / Presentation / Q&A
Venue:   Grand Ambassador Seoul, Doraji Room (4th Fl.)
Cost:      KRW 36,000 for Members (Inclusive of Breakfast)
KRW    46,000 for Non-Members (Inclusive of Breakfast)

Jin-Gyeong Cheong (Bio Attached)
Partner/Team Leader, Seoul Office (Korean Attorney-at-Law)
IPG Legal

Sean Hayes (Bio Attached)
Partner/Team Leader, Seoul Office (NY Attorney-at-Law),
IPG Legal

“Definition of Employee under Korean Labor Standards Act (Rep. Directors, Directors, Executives and Rank-in-File) and Obligations to Employees under the Act (Severance, Employment Security)”

Please contact AMCHAM Office no later than
June 3, 2011. 02) 6201-2200

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