Irish Interested in Doing Business in Asia: Farmleigh Fellowship

The Irish Ambassador to Korea has recently forwarded me this message. I personally know of this fellowship program and highly recommend any recent graduates interested in doing business in Asia to apply.

I assume recent lawyer graduates are also welcome to apply. I understand that one person has been placed at the Irish Embassy in Seoul and is enjoying his time and has, also, been very useful to the Irish and Irish-interested business community. I happen to be an American and also Irish national with a face my Irish father notes is “Like the Map of Italy,” thus, I am very interested in seeing this program expand. The Irish have a great opportunity to seize more opportunities in Asia, but have lacked enough individuals with expertise in Asian business to be successful. They have also done a very poor job in using the vast network of Irish-Americans as a tool, thus, I hope this program will also be open to all Irish passport holders.

The message from Eamonn McKee, the Irish Ambassador to Korea:
Please find information on the Farmleigh Fellowship for 2012. The Fellowship offers a Masters in Business Studies in Asian Business to successful candidates. It is essentially a work-study scholarship programme for people who want a career in international business in Asia.

The Fellowship was founded in 2009 following the Global Irish Economic Forum where it was agreed that while Ireland had vast opportunities to grow its business interests in Asia there was a lack of qualified business professionals on the ground. Follow-up discussions in Singapore, supported by the Ambassador at the time, Dick O’Brien, led to the Farmleigh MBS which was established and is run by members of the Global Irish Network. It is a not-for-profit charity organisation based in Singapore, supported by the Irish Government and a joint undertaking by Nanyang Technological University, University College Cork and a range of Irish companies. Each company sponsors a candidate on a 12 month work-study program (3 months Ireland, 9 months Asia) during which they identity market opportunities, generate a practical Asian business project and start building networks for their sponsor.

The Farmleigh Fellowship is NOW accepting applications. The online recruitment portal for the MBS will remain open until the deadline of 23rd of September. Asian language skills and some experience of life and culture in this part of the world are an advantage. Further information can be found at

Please share this message with anyone whom you believe would be interested in applying (or indeed a company that might be interested in participating).

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