Is the Korea-U.S. FTA Dead at the Korean National Assembly? Watch the Streets.

A battle is underway in the Korea National Assembly between the radical left on the one side and the moderates and the right on the other side.

The Korea-US FTA resembles the Korea-EU FTA, that has been signed into law, but many of the radical liberals in Korea believe that if America is out of the picture, that Korea will be unified with the North. Many of these liberals don’t care if the flag is a North Korean or South Korean flag.

As with most issues between Korea and the United States, the radical liberals are great at making a small issue a great war cry. Often the war cry leads to violence in the streets of Seoul.

In Korea, if the left can rally support of the youth, then, the left will win the battle.

To date, the streets of Seoul are quiet. If they are not quiet in the future, the bill may be dead and the reputation of Korea, again, will tarnished.

What do you think?

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