The Korean Law Blog Meets the China Law Blog in Beijing for a Discussion of the Ages

I will be in Beijing tomorrow and Sunday to visit with my good friends at the China Law Blog.

Old China hat Steve will be giving a talk on China and the WTO at an event that should be interesting and hopefully doesn’t land Steve in the clink.

Here is a remark from the China Law Blog on the event.

CLB’s own Steve Dickinson will be one half of a two person discussion this Sunday, October 16, at 3:00 p.m., on China and the WTO. The event is part of the Hopkins China Forum, which describes itself as “a quarterly speakers series that brings together counterparts from the United States and China in China’s capital city to discuss current events.”

More specifically, the topic is “China and the WTO: A 10 Year Review With a Look to the Future.” it will be a “conversation” between our own Steve Dickinson and Professor Tu Xinquan, the Deputy Director of the China Institute for WTO Studies (中国WTO研究院). Wei Lai, editor of the Global Times will be the moderator.

It will take place at the Western Returned Scholars Association (WRSA) Building, 111 Nanheyan St., 欧美同学会会址,南河沿大街111号, Beijing. There is a RMB 30 entrance fee, but that includes a drink and a reception to follow.

Both speakers will have 10 minutes to make opening remarks, followed by a 20-minute moderated dialogue. After that, the speakers will take questions from the audience. Without revealing what Steve is going to say, I can assure you that it will cause some sparks to fly.

I (Dan) am going to be attending and I can hardly wait. Who’s in?


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