Protest in Yoido Against Proposed Korea-U.S. FTA: Death of FTA?

I mentioned in a recent post that if we see protests in the street we will see the death of this bill.

The protests in Yoido included a couple of hundred well-dressed farmers and the ubiquitous radical liberals (and likely many paid protestors).

The rally was not as big as I expected, but lets see if my prediction comes to be.  Why was the KOR-EU FTA passed in Korea only after a short argument over translation errors, while this agreement is being held up?  The agreements are similar and the EU is a larger trading partner with Korea than the U.S.  What’s up?

Is this simply anti-American sentiment led by the same groups that claim that an American submarine sunk the Korean warship off the west coast, the risk of mad cow disease was hid by the U.S. government, American military is engaged in a consistent effort to pollute the Korean environment via dumping toxic waste, and the American military maintains nuclear weapons on the Korean peninsula?

What do you think?  Simply anti-Americanism or a legitimate concern for SMEs and farmers?

I believe if a significant appropriation is not made to the farmers and labor unions, then, the agreement is dead.

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