Political Asylum Granted in U.S. to Former South Korean Intelligence Agent

A U.S. court has, recently, upheld a decision to grant political asylum to a South Korean former intelligence agent that revealed that the former Korean Dae-Jung KIM Administration paid a USD 500 million bribe to North Korea in exchange for North Korea hosting the inter-Korean summit between the decreased former leaders of North and South Korea.

Dae-Jung KIM received the Nobel Peace Prize, primarily, because of the inter-Korean summit.

Kim Ki-sam, who departed the Korean state spy agency in 2000, applied for asylum in the U.S. in 2003 out of fear of prosecution by the Korean authorities. Local news sources have reported that Mr. Kim has passed the New York bar exam.

IPG has an active immigration practice for Korean and Chinese investors in the United States. The IPG was not involved in this present asylum matter.

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