Divorce/Family Lawyers in Korea: Korean Divorce Explained by U.S. Military

The U.S. Military in Korea drafted an excellent, basic, explanation of the divorce procedure in Korea. Divorce, in Korea, is possible even if both parties to the divorce proceedings are not Korean and were not married in Korea.

As noted in the document, if you are involved in a contested divorce or are not willing to jump through the hoops at the Seoul Family Court in an uncontested divorce, promptly retain a lawyer.  It is essential to obtain an attorney that has handled a significant amount of family law cases for expats.  I advise retaining a Korean attorney that works hand-in-hand with a foreign attorney.

The explanation of the divorce procedure in Korea can be found at: Divorce in Korea. (U.S. Military has Removed the Link – sorry).  Please checkout our other articles on this issue below.

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