Korean Election Night Update (April 12, 2012 – 1AM)

The Saenuri (ruling party) is leading in poles in 127 out of a total 246 seats in the Korea National Assembly.  

The  DUP (opposition party) is carrying 107 seats.  The following updates is based on data as of 1AM. 

DUP has carried many seats in Seoul that were once considered conservative safe seats.   The ruling party has gained seats in Gangwan and Chungcheon province. 

The voter turnout was 54.3 percent.  This is 8.2 percentage points higher than the election four years ago. 

The Korean National Assembly is comprised of 246 seats that voters may directly vote for candidates in and 54 proportional representation seats.  The proportional representative seats are allocated to parties in accordance to the total numbers of votes the party receives. 

Each voter may cast two ballots, one for a candidate and the other for the party.

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