12 New Items Prohibited from Export from Korea by Overflow of Core National Technology Law of Korea

The following is the list of the 12 new items that have been newly prohibited from export from Korea without an export license/acceptance of report of export from the Ministry of Knowledge Technology of Korea.  The export prohibition was implemented by the Overflow of Core National Technology Law of Korea.   The prohibition takes affect from the beginning of 2011.


Foundry process & device technologies of less than 31 nms.
Design/process/manufacturing technologies of AMOLED panels (except for module assembly process technology).
Design technologies of lithium secondary batteries with high-energy density (200Wh/Kg or more)  & high-temperature safety for electric cars.

Design technologies of system for Advanced LTE/LTE.
Design/process technologies of Mobile Application Processor SOC.
User Interface (UI) technologies for Smart Phone Devices.
Design technologies of Baseband Modems for Advanced LTE/LTE.
Design technologies of RFIC and PAM for Advanced LTE Terminals.
Design technologies of Base Station for Advanced LTE/LTE Terminals.
Design technologies of P.
User Interface (UI) technologies for smart devices.
Design technologies of Baseband Modem for WiBro terminals.

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