South Korea’s Nude Beach in Gangwon Province to Open

It was recently reported that Gangwon province on the east coast of South Korea is planning to open up a nude beach in order to attract tourists. Government officials in Gangwon province have been mulling the proposed beach for several years now, and are once again floating the idea publicly to see how South Korean citizens will respond.

According to an article on CNN’s website:

“Although the east coast has more beautiful, sandy beaches, the water tends to be colder, the season shorter and the distance from Seoul is greater than the beaches to the west.”

For some reason, Gangwon Province just can’t give up the idea of opening a nude beach.  Gangwon tried to open a female-only nude beach in 2005, but public outcry led to the plan being scrapped.  I bet that times have not yet changed enough and an outcry by the public will lead to the idea being scrapped.  Jeju Island had a similar result when it tried to open a nude beach in 2009.

Is 2013 going to finally be the year that South Korea gets a nude beach?  To read more, check out the article by CNN here: South Korea to get its First Nude Beach?
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