Should UPP be Banned in Korea? Korea Government Files to Court to deregister Pro-North Party

The Park Administration as filed to the Constitutional Court of Korea a complaint to disband the leftist UPP.  The petition claims that the party engaged in pro-North Korea activities.  The case, also, calls for the immediate suspension of six of the lawmakers of the party.

Justice Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn noted to the press that: 

“We have determined that the UPP’s platform and its objectives are intended to favor North Korean socialism, which goes against the free democratic basic order of our Constitution and that the activities of the RO (Revolutionary Organization) which forms the party’s core, were in line with North Korea’s strategy to revolutionize the South.”  

This is not mere politics.  Evidence exists, including tape recordings, that establish that a leader of the UPP called on members to prepare for a war to assist North Korea in overthrowing North Korea.

At least six of the nine justices at the Constitutional Court must vote to disband the party for the party to be banned.

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