Establishment of the Korea Law Center at Berkeley Law

Berkeley Law has announced the establishment of a Korea Law Center.  An event to celebrate the establishment of the Korea Law Center will be held tomorrow.  Details are below.

*Date: April 18, 2014
*Venue: Chevron Auditorium, International House, UC Berkeley*
* Speakers:
Justice Chang Soo Yang, Supreme Court of Korea
Justice Jinsung Lee, Constitutional Court of Korea
Dong-man Han, Consul General, Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Won Kyou Ryou, Partner, Lee & Ko, President of the Berkeley Club of Korea
Kenneth Korea, Vice President & Head of US IP Center (Silicon Valley),
Samsung Electronics
Lee Cheng, Chief Legal Officer, Corporate Secretary, SVP,
Duane Valz, Senior Patent Counsel, Google
Hongsun Yoon, Senior Intellectual Property Counsel, LG Electronics
Sang Jo Jong, Dean and Professor, Seoul National University, School of Law
Daikwon Choi, Seoul National University, School of Law
Hongsik Cho, Seoul National University, School of Law
Kuk Cho, Seoul National University, School of Law
Jibong Lim, Sogang University Law School
Jaewan Park, Hanyang University School of Law
Sangwon Lee, Seoul National University, School of Law
Chang Rok Woo, Chairman, Yulchon
Belinda Lee, Latham & Watkins
Catharina Min, Office Managing Partner, Reed Smith

*The Korea Law Center* aims to be a research hub for a robust exchange
of ideas, theories and best practices in the fields of law, government,
and businesses, bringing together scholars, judges, officials, and
lawyers to deepen mutual understanding of both societies. The new center
will hold public conferences and offer new courses and research on South
Korea.The Center will address the development of the Korean legal,
constitutional, and political systems. Related research will focus on
the role of courts in protecting individual rights, the regulation of
public health and safety, and the ability of independent agencies to
control economic growth. The Center will also examine the Dokdo Islands
dispute between Korea and Japan and reunification of North and South Korea.

Sean Hayes may be contacted at:

Sean Hayes is co-chair of the Korea Practice Team at IPG Legal. He is the first non-Korean attorney to have worked for the Korean court system (Constitutional Court of Korea) and one of the first non-Koreans to be a regular member of a Korean law faculty. He has, recently, been ranked as one of only two non-Korean attorneys as a Top Attorney working in Korea by AsiaLaw.

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