Korean Tax Laws on Entertainment Companies in Korea: Overseas Tax Deductions

Korean Tax Laws have been amended to tighten rules on exemptions for foreign and domestic companies and individuals.  I have reported on a number of this changes in this blog.

One change that is having an impact on Entertainment Companies is the reduction in exemptions for companies selling movies and games overseas.  Additional information on this topic can be found at: The Korean Entertainment Law Blog.

Before the amendment to this Tax Law, The Korean National Tax Service allowed Korean companies that sold movies or games overseas – tax exemptions on the taxes they paid to government overseas.

However, the Korean government no longer grants such benefits; they only allow tax exemptions of 20% – 30% of the taxes that paid overseas.

Korea exported entertainment contents worth over 5 trillion won last year.  The Korean Entertainment Industry is crying foul and we, likely, we see more aggressive lobbying by the industry this year.  The Industry is, rightfully, concerned that this situation is decreasing the competitive advantage of the Korean Entertainment Industry.

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