Samsung Faces Challenges as It Tries to Win Smartphone Wars

CNBC released an interesting article on how the largest smartphone maker can win the smartphone war.

The article pointed out that despite the recently lowered guidance, Samsung is likely to deliver strong results.

The article also mentioned four points that Samsung needs to improve in order to retain its edge in the smartphone market.

  • User interface – “In order to retain its lead over the long term, Samsung needs to build a platform that’s as compelling for app developers and users as Apple.”
  • Customer service – “Good communication between users and the smartphone company is crucial to long term” success.
  • The OS challenge – “Even if Samsung is able to differentiate itself through better customer service and improved user experience, it may face other challenges as it tries to build out Tizen, its first attempt at its own operating system.”
  • Profit margin – “Profit is increasingly important as analysts see a plateauing of the global smartphone market with more than 65 percent of people in advanced markets owning smartphones.”

The full article may be found at: How Samsung could win the smartphone wars


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