“Samsung’s First Family Struggles to Keep Grip on Company” Report by Bloomberg

The Samsung saga continues.  Lee Jae-Yong is likely to take over from his father soon.  It looks like Lee Kun-Hee’s health is not improving.  Bloomberg has an interesting article on this issue that may be found on the link below.  

The Lee Family owns less than two percent of the total shares of Samsung Group, though they near absolutely control 74 companies “through a web of share holdings.”

However, because of recently enacted regulations and tax laws, the family may lose its influences over the companies.  President Park has banned “new cross holdings.” Under current tax law in Korea, heirs have to pay inheritance taxes of 50 percent of the asset value which means that Lee Jae-Yong may have to pay about  $6 billion as inheritance taxes.

While the Lees are planning to take two companies public in order to raise money to pay the inheritance taxes, Lee Jae-Yong has faced another challenge.

According to Chung Sun Sup, CEO of Chaebul.com, Lee Jae-Yong “won’t command the same respect and authority that his father has had because he’s largely unproven.”  Well we heard this argument, also, with the father.  We will update the reader when new developments occur.

The full article may be found at: “Samsung’s First Family Struggles to Keep Grip on Company”

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