IPG’s Labor & Employment Law Practice: Proactive, Efficient & Unconflicted

Introduction to the Korean Labor & Employment Law Practice Group

One of our largest practices is our Labor & Employment Law Practice in Korea. We handle matters, mainly, for foreign companies and foreign executives working for Korean conglomerates. We are, chosen, over the ubiquitous Korean law firms, often, because of our proactive and unconflicted practice of law. We are, intentionally, different from the crowd. For articles on Korean Employment Law, please see: Korean Employment Law Archives.

For example:

  • We have, recently, worked on a post-M & A matter caused by a lack of proactive representation related to the potentiality of assuming the liabilities for severance payments of dispatched workers. Sad case – led to the termination of the manager in charge of the merger. Obvious matter- Dispatched workers pose a risk relating to severance and employment security. Proper M & A structure is required or this risk passes with the sale of the Company; and
  • We, also, worked on a criminal matter related to a military contractor that led to the jailing of one employee of the Company. We were hired, immediately, and with a little proactive representation – the individual was released within one week for medical reasons. All company employees were found not guilty.

We were proud, before recent additions, of being a small firm that has successfully handled matters for Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, and individuals in an efficient and proactive manner – with a straightforward street-savvy approach to the practice of law.

However, we can’t pretend to be small anymore, but we are still boutique in practice, still efficient and proactive and the street-savvy approach will not be lost as long as Sean Hayes is working with us.

We handle, nearly exclusively, international business transactions and contentious matters for foreign companies and foreigners in Asia – we are not conflicted by handling cases for the Korean government and for Korean companies. Most of our teams are led by lawyers who are ranked by leading international lawyer rating services.

For example, Sean Hayes is ranked by LawAsia as one of only two non-Korean lawyers as a Top Attorney in Korea. The Firm is, also, ranked by numerous publications as a leading International Law Firm in Asia and we recently were ranked as the Top Dispute Resolution Law Firm of the year.

Areas of Expertise in Korea

  • Korean Labor Relations & Strategy
    • Collective Bargaining Agreements
    • Redundancy Strategy
    • Multiple Trade Union Issues
    • Korea Labor Management Committee Formation
    • Work with a preeminent former HR Manager who has successfully mitigated labor relations issues in Korea & China for leading international companies.
  • Korean Employment Screening
    • Employment Screening Tests
    • Employment Screening & Background Checks
  • Safety & Health
    • Health Insurance
    • Industrial Accident Insurance
    • Workplace Safety & Health Audit
  • Korean Labor Law Compliance
    • Appoint/Remove Representative Directors
    • Employment Agreements
    • Severance Calculations
    • Fixed-term Workers, Dispatched Workers & Non-Regular Workers
  • Visas in Korea
    • Korean Investment Visas
    • Korean Work Visa
    • Korean Administrative Court Dispositions
  • Korean Compensation, Severance & Benefits
    • Salary Analysis
    • Ordinary Wages vs. Average Wage
    • Severance Payment
    • Bonus Structure
    • Salary Surveys
  • Employment Rules/Policies in Korea
    • Employment Rules
    • Employee Handbooks
    • Privacy Policies
    • Trade Secret Protection & Enforcement
  • Korean Government Enforcement
    • Labor Commission Actions
    • District, High, Supreme & Constitutional Court of Korea
    • Unfair/Wrongful Dismissals
    • Wage Disputes
    • Sexual Harassment
  • Korean Human Resource Audits
    • Embezzlement
    • Breach of Trust
    • Violation of Company Rules
    • Trade Secret Enforcement
    • Sex Harassment & Discrimination
  • Termination/Separation of Employees in Korea
    • Redundancies
    • Termination based on “cause”
    • Termination based on “urgent managerial” necessity
    • Separation Agreements
    • Non-Competition & Non-solicitation Agreements

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