Law of the Sea: Vessel Security

Infographic on International Maritime Law

My friend over at Norwich University has some interesting stats on Article 110 of UNCLOS.

While Somali incidents have dropped 95 percent to seven cases in 2013, piracy in Southeast Asia is exploding.

As you may have heard, eight hundred thousand gallons of diesel was recently pilfered from a large oil tanker in the Strait of Malacca. Korea has sent ships to the region.

The area is clearly the world’s new piracy hotspot.

Attacks and attempts in the waters of Indonesia, which controls much of the Malacca Strait, totaled 107 last year, meaning a 700 percent increase in just five years.

To help generate awareness of maritime trade and the law of the sea, my friends at Norwich University created this infographic that addresses the freedom of the seas, security and piracy.


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