Korea Contracts Don’t Forget the Counter-party: Due Diligence before Executing an Agreement in Korea

We see numerous matters coming before us from parties in the States or Europe that are importing a product from a Korean company.  Of course, the products are either faulty or never come.

We, also, see cases where a Korean company is importing a product and the importing party ends up not being the party that the American or European company thought they were doing business with.

Also, often, companies in Korea are broken up into smaller companies.  The manufacturing arm may be one company, the sales arm one company and these companies are wholly owned by a holding company.  Of course, the agreement ends up being with the broke sales arm.

Thus, know the counter-party.  Due Diligence is required.  Due Diligence is not checking the firms website or simply matching up the name on the PO with the Wire Instructions.  A wire will, normally, clear even if the name is not correct.  Example:

Wire Instructions
Account Holder: Amazing Trading ABC Limited
                           Kim Bad Boy
Account #          112345678

The funds will, normally, clear even if the account is in the name of Bad Boy KIM.

Please do your due diligence on the party you are intending to contract with, prior, to even negotiating the agreement.  It will save you a good deal of stress and maybe even your job.

Many people in Korea do this due diligence service for a minimal fee.

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