Doing Business in Korea: A blog and webroll

A client has requested that I provide to him a list of blogs and websites that I regularly read on business in Korea.  Ok. I don’t, actually, regularly read these sites and blogs, but they may be useful to the reader. 
The reality is Korea has few useful sites for entrepreneurs wishing to do business in Korea.  Most sites are not updated often, the information is too general or they contain useless rubbish. 

If I should include a site, please advise.  If this list gets long enough, I will place this list on a blogroll.  Guys, I know a couple of these sites are useless for readers of this blog.  Most of the information on some of these sites are useless for those that have spent a good deal of time doing business in Korea. 



More to come.  Please post blogs that we should add in the comment section below.

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