Concern Worldwide Opens Non-Profit Organization in Korea

I am proud to report that Concern Worldwide, a private Irish non-profit agency, has opened an office in Seoul, Korea.  Concern Worldwide is the largest humanitarian-focused NGO in Ireland.  Below is the press release from Concern Worldwide.

CONCERN WORLDWIDE, Ireland’s largest humanitarian agency, today announced that it is opening a fundraising office in the Republic of Korea (aka South Korea).

The official launch of the agency’s presence in the country will take place today on Thursday, October 29th, at a welcome reception hosted by the Irish Ambassador in Seoul, Aingeal O’Donoghue.  “This is a significant moment in the history of the organisation as we move to meet the growing humanitarian challenges across Africa, the Middle East and Asia itself,” said Concern Worldwide CEO, Dominic MacSorley. “We are already responding to massive conflict-driven refugee crises in Syria, Lebanon, and Turkey, and also in countries like South Sudan, Central African Republic and Yemen.

Climate impacts in countries such as Ethiopia are now looming large and natural disasters are increasing in frequency worldwide, with a high proportion of them in Asia alone.” Mr MacSorley added that the agency’s entry into a new market (Korea) is an exciting opportunity for Concern to build on well-established relations between Ireland, Korea and the wider world. “This exciting move into the Republic of Korea is based on solid research that the nature and quality of our work resonates with the Korean people.

While we may be new to Korea, the Irish have participated in Korean life for more than a century, through the work of Irish missionaries, and Irish soldiers who fought under the command of the United Nations during the Korean War in the 1950s, a contribution that is now well recognised and which was an important element of the celebrations that were held in 2013 when Korea and Ireland celebrated 30 years of diplomatic relations.” Mr MacSorley added: “Building on Concern’s 47 years of experience, knowledge and know-how in the development and humanitarian spheres, this move also goes beyond fundraising.

We will be adding value to the sector there. Korea has a vibrant and growing younger population – a wonderful resource – we want to engage them in our work and the growing sense of need around the world through development educational initiatives and publications like our annual Global Hunger Index report.”

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