South Korea Investment in the Irish Horse Industry

Great news for the Korean and Irish Horse Business. The Irish Times reports that Korea is to buy Connemara ponies for use in South Korea.

The article notes, in part, that:

“As regards South Korea, ITM expects its buyers to be active at the prestigious yearling sales at the end of September. Until now, they have largely restricted themselves to American auctions. It is a belief shared by Pádraic Heanue, manager of the Clifden-based Connemara Pony Sales, which has experienced a surge in Korean interest this year. In February, a delegation including Professor Kim arrived and toured a number of pony breeders before exporting 27 for a Korean breeding programme.

Selected for their temperament and suitability to the Korean landscape, the ponies have surpassed expectations and further purchases are expected in November. “This has kicked off a new venture for Asian countries [and] there have been one or two more inquiries since then,” said Heanue.”

The full article may be found at: South Korea Invests in the Irish Horse Industry 

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