English-Speaking Criminal Defense Team Lead by Retired Korean Presiding Judge

IPG’s Criminal Defense team is lead by a leading Korean criminal defense attorney – retired Judge SJ Kook. Judge Kook, to date, has earned, for clients, over 60 not guilty verdicts.  He works on may Korean criminal matters with Sean Hayes, a retired prosecutor and internationally-experienced Korean attorneys.  Judge Kook is a graduate of Seoul National University and Columbia Law School.  He retired as a presiding judge.

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IPG’s Representative Criminal Defense Cases:

  • Not guilty verdict for an American military officer charged with the crime of rape in Korea.
  • Not guilty verdicts for two employees of a major American defense company in a criminal prosecution in Korea.
  • Not guilty verdict for an employee of an American defense contractor in a sexual assault case.
  • Obtained a suspended jail sentence for an employee of a company convicted of the illegal import of diamonds into Korea.
  • Not guilty verdict for a president of a company charged with the misappropriation of funds.
  • Obtained over 60 not guilty verdicts and numerous suspended jail sentences.


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