Korean Bankruptcy Court in Seoul, Korea Established

Korea, in March 2017, established the Seoul Bankruptcy Court.  The Seoul Bankruptcy Court replaces the Seoul Central District Court’s Bankruptcy Division.  The establishment of the Seoul Bankruptcy Court is welcome news for most Seoul-based practitioners.

Seoul Bankruptcy Court, Insolvency Law Korea
Seoul Bankruptcy Court

The Seoul Bankruptcy Court is the first separate bankruptcy court in Korea.  The Seoul Bankruptcy Court was established because of a drastic increase in bankruptcy/insolvency filings over the last few years and a perceived need to have more efficient handling of bankruptcy cases.

The major law governing bankruptcies, in Korea, is the Debtor Rehabilitation & Bankruptcy Act of Korea.  This Bankruptcy Act, in short, provides that any company, in Korea, with debt of KRW 50 billion or more that has 300 or more creditors may file for bankruptcy at the Seoul Bankruptcy Court, notwithstanding the location of the company.

We shall update the reader on more news concerning this Korean bankruptcy court as more news becomes available.
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