English-Speaking Arbitration Attorneys in Korea

International Korean Commercial Arbitration Boardarbitration between Korean companies and American, Australian, British, Chinese, Indian, German and other nation companies is on the increase.  Regrettably, few Korean attorneys are capable of handling international arbitration cases in the English language, because of the lack of experience in complex international arbitration and the lack of adequate English language skills.  The reality is Korea has few English-speaking arbitration attorneys capable of handling complex international arbitration matters, thus, many firms have turned to foreign attorneys to fill this glaring gap.  

Sean Hayes is the author of the he Korean Law Blog .  English-speaking Korean attorneys contribute to this blog.  Sean Hayes, his retired Korean judge partner, a senior associate and other international attorneys for IPG are engaged in international arbitration at the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board and other international arbitration board for multinational companies for cases against Korean companies.   Clients engaged us for construction, manufacturing, joint venture and other general business matter and for disputes for individuals.  Please find a list of some of our most recent work below.

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Representative Cases 

  • Successful resolution via Arbitration of a dispute between two multinationals on alleged breaches based on quality and scope of work.
  • Successful resolution via Arbitration of a medical malpractice dispute by an individual against a Korean hospital.
  • Successful resolution via Arbitration of the dismissal of a senior executive of a leading Korean oil & gas company.
  • Successful resolution via Arbitration of a construction dispute by an American construction company against a leading Korean conglomerate.
  • Numerous Arbitration at the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board.  Including a recent construction variance dispute by an international construction company against a Korean conglomerate concerning work performed by the international construction company in the Middle East.

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