Sean Hayes Invited to Chair Panel for Horasis Foundation

Sean Hayes shall chair a panel for the Horasis Foundantion’s Conference in Seoul, Korea. The Horasis Foundation shall hold the conference on September 22 to the 24th.

The Conference is entitled: Entrepreneurship: Balancing Disruption and Consent. Participants at the conference shall include the Chairman of Hansol, the UN Special Envoy for Disaster Risk Reduction, Chairmen of two leading Indian pharmaceuticals, the Chief Investment Officer for IFC, a Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, a former Prime Minister of Japan, a Former Prime Minister of Korea, the Vice Chairman & CEO of the Federation of Korean Industries, and other dignitaries from industry, government, and leading NGOs.

More information on this conference can be found at the website of Horasis. 

Horasis Korea

Welcome To Horasis
Horasis is a global visions community dedicated to inspiring our future.Together with our members we explore, define, and implement trajectories of sustainable growth. Horasis provides strategic foresight to public and private entities who envisage growing into global and sustainable organizations.

Horasis hosts annual meetings to advance solutions to the most critical challenges facing corporations today. Participants jointly identify globally relevant business issues and develop sophisticated and interdisciplinary solutions. Participants then leverage these solutions to enhance corporate performance and long-term growth.

Among the participants are the Chief Executive Officers of the world’s most respected corporations as well as key business leaders from emerging markets. Also participating are renowned thought leaders and relevant public figures including heads of government and ministers.

Horasis is using its unrivalled history of partnership with corporations from emerging markets to create a powerful platform for cooperation between emerging and developed markets. From the first meeting in 2005, annual gatherings have been held around the globe. The flagship events are the Horasis Global Meeting as well as regional summits focusing on ChinaIndia, and South East Asia. We also host private events for the Horasis Visionary Circle, a peer-to-peer group of the world’s wealthiest and most respected entrepreneurs.

The Horasis meetings are held in the recognition that growth strategies require thought leadership and mutually beneficial peer-to-peer networks. The programmes are structured to provide a maximum amount of knowledge exchange and interaction in a variety of formal and informal settings. The meetings permit candid and intensive dialogue whilst incorporating a diversity of views and experience.

Horasis engages corporations from around the world to make vital adjustments today to begin preparing for the future.”

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