Top 10 Law Firms in Seoul, Korea for English-Speaking Foreigners According to 10 Magazine

We are proud to note that 10 Magazine listed us in an article titled 10 Lawyers in Seoul for English-Speaking Expats .  We are listed under the title Large/International Law Firms.  Thanks for the mention 10 Magazine.  We love your work.  We have, also, been rated by other rating services.

The article notes:

The lawyers of IPG focus on business law, civil litigation, franchise law, and criminal defense. With affiliated offices around the world, they’re a good choice for cross-border issues. One of the partners there, Sean Hayes, runs one of the best English blogs on the Korean legal landscape, The Korean Law Blog. If the constantly-changing legal environment of this country interests you, it will make an excellent resource.

The complete list of the 10 Law Firms (the article deleted/omitted one law firm) for English-Speaking Foreigners in Korea is:

Large/International Law Firms in Korea

  • IPG Legal
  • Yulchon
  • Lee & Ko
  • Kim & Chang

Smaller Law Firms in Korea

  • Pureun Law
  • Taeshin
  • Tek & Law
  • Yeyul Law Firm
  • Kangnam Labor Law Firm

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