IPG’s Korean Employment & Labour Law Chapter in Global Legal Insights 2018

IPG is proud to announce the contribution of the Korean chapter to GLI’s 2018 Edition of Employment & Labour Law.  The publication contains chapters from 29 different countries.  The publication may be found at: Employment & Labor Law, Sixth Edition.

Key Issues addressed are, among others,:

-General Labour Market Conditions in Korea
-Employment Policies under the Moon Administration
-Litigation Trends in Korea
-Definition of “Ordinary Wage” in Korea
-Korean Supreme Court’s Regular Interval Bonus Case
-Director as an Employee for Korean Employment Security Purposes
-Korean Employee Lockouts
-Layoffs and Dismissals Based on Fault of the Employees in Korea
-Korean Restrictive Covenants Law
-Trade Secrets Protection in Korea
-Severance Payments in Korea
-Childcare Leave in Korea
-Maternity Leave in Korea
-Paternity Leave in Korea
-Annual Leave in Korea

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