Korean Adoption Law Protests at Olympics in Korea

A good broadcast on issues with Korea’s Adoption Law may be found at: Channel 11 News.  We, regrettably, have handled litigation against the Korean government on issues related to adoption law.  Because of changes to Korea’s adoption law it is much more difficult to adopt children from Korea.  The number of abandoned children is on the rise and it doesn’t seem like Korean families shall pick up the slack anytime soon.

The broadcast notes, in part, that:

“Abandoned at a fire station in Seoul, South Korea, Dr. Eckerle says she is thankful that her adoptive family in Minnesota found her at 6 months of age.

“I wouldn’t have had a family, I wouldn’t have had a chance for education or what I wanted to make of myself, which was to be a doctor and an advocate for children and for families, and I would not have had any of those chances,” said Dr. Eckerle.

Dr. Eckerle is part of a delegation made up of 18 South Korean adoptees in the United States. Last week as the world prepared for the Winter Olympics in Peyongchang, they traveled to South Korea to attend the opening ceremony and to speak with the South Korean National Assembly.”

A Korean Law Blog post, from a few years back, on this issue may be found at: Korean Adoption Law.

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