Sean Hayes Presentation to Korea Business Forum: The Korean Labour Law v. the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Sean Hayes commented on legal issues related to Korean Labour Law and Korean startups for the Korea Business Forum on October 18, 2018 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul, Korea. The Korean Business Forum is a group of professionals that share insight and their experience on issues related to doing business in Korea. The group is one of the most renowned business groups in Korea.

“KBF meets twelve times a year and provides an opportunity for senior executives to discuss among themselves and with experts specific issues likely to impact their operations and strategies in Korea and North East Asia.

The form portrays a local and regional peerspective on today’s business environment in Korea and by combinijng the knowledge of EABC, KABC, outside speakers and AXP analysis’ ideas are presentaed to challenge participants.

A stimulating and dynamic environment is provided with authoritative presentations which allow executivees to look beyond their industry and company for new  approaches to records.

The Korea business forum is a unique opportunity for top-line managers of Korean and regional operations to share experience among their peers.

All sessions are off the record.”

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