Korea’s New Electronic Passport Without Resident Registration Number in 2020

The Amendment to the Korean Passport Act introduces a new Korean Electronic Passport. The passport excludes the Resident Registration Number and establishes a new system in order to ease administrative work of the government. This Amendment shall become effective in 2020.

New Korean passport by 2020

The Passport Act of the Republic of Korea

According to Art. 7 Passport Act every Korean passport shall include:

  • Type of passport;
  • Issuing state;
  • Passport number;
  • Date of issuance and expiration;
  • Issuing authority;
  • Name of the passport-holder;
  • Nationality of the passport-holder;
  • Gender of the passport-holder;
  • Date of birth of the passport-holder;
  • Resident registration number of the passport-holder; and
  • Photo of the passport-holder;

Due, facially, to protect personal information, the Korean Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee declared the low importance of the inclusion of a Korean Resident Registration Number in Korean passports. Therefore, the Amendment excludes the number from Korean passports.

Highlights of the Amendment to the Korean Passport Act

  • Deletion of the Resident Registration Number from Korean passports.
  • A Comprehensive Passport Information Management System.
  • Establishment of a Passport Information-Sharing System operated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. This System aims is to enable Korean citizens to use their passport as a certified ID.


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