Korean Arbitration Basics: Links to Relevant Resources in Korea.

IPG, over the next couple of weeks, shall be updating readers of the The Korean Law Blog on issues concerning arbitration in Korea and against Korean companies. We have posted over a dozen articles to date. We shall be posting more article on arbitration over the next couple of weeks.

This present post is simply a few arbitration-related links in Korea. We shall be updating this list when more useful and credible information is available.

Substantive quality information on arbitration, in Korea, is not easily obtainable in English (and even in Korean), thus, we here at IPG felt the need to share more information on Korean arbitration. If anyone has any topics that are of interest, please Contact Us.

We plan to write over the next few weeks on some general issues related to jurisdiction, enforcing arbitration clauses, recommended language to include in agreements and other issues related to the basics of arbitration in Korea. In the near future, we shall extend the scope to more specific and comprehensive issues.

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