Fleeing Korea while under Police/Prosecutor Investigation: International Hold in Korea

Korean Immigration Lawyers, Korean Departure Orders, Korea Exit OrdersFrom changes a couple of years ago in the computer system and policy of the Korean Immigration Services, even if the Korean prosecution/police have not requested that an accused be placed on an International Hold, some records of police investigations, indictments, and proposed fines and sentences by the prosecution/police are being reported to the Korean Immigration Service at airports and ports of departure.

An International Hold, in Korea, is an official procedure that flags passports and fingerprints & prevents one, under this International Hold, from departing Korea prior to the lifting of the International Hold.

Even if you are not under an official International Hold, Korean Immigration may refuse your departure or entry into Korea based on information from data being shared between the Police, Prosecution, National Tax Service, and other Korean government agencies. Please note that the Korea Immigration is a branch of the Ministry of Justice. The Ministry of Justice is in charge of the majority of prosecutions in Korea.

Thus, in short, someone under investigation in Korea may be stopped at the airport even if not under an official International Hold.

Thus after arrest, fleeing to the airport may not be advisable. If you are perceived to be fleeing Korea, things may get much worse. We suggest, immediately, hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney and scheduling a no-cost consultation with an attorney.

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