New Korean Corruption Investigative Unit Established to Investigate High-Ranking Public Officials in Korea

Korean established a new investigative unit with the independent power to investigate High-Ranking Public Officials, family members of High-Ranking Public Officials and those associated in alleged crimes with High-Ranking Public Officials.

Korean Corruption Investigative Unit

This office shall be called the Corruption Investigation Office (“CIO”) for High-Ranking Public Officials. This independent investigative agency’s scope of power includes the investigation of the President of Korea, members of the Korean National Assembly, prosecutors, judges, senior public officials (Rank of Grade III or higher) and some senior police officers. Also this independent office can investigate the family members of these officials and those alleged involved with crimes concerning these public officials.

The investigative unit has an authorized staff of nearly 100 with around 25 prosecutors and 40 investigators. The first Director-General of the CIO was appointed in January of 2021. We shall update the reader when more is known about the processing of cases by the CIO and the effect of this organization in contributing to a more transparent government system in Korea.

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