Belgian Ambassador’s Wife on Assault Charge: Hiring a Proactive Defense Lawyer in Korea

Criminal assault cases involving members of the foreign community are serious business in Korea. The case of the Belgian Ambassador’s wife highlights the importance of engaging an experienced English-speaking criminal attorney.

It was reported, that the Belgian Ambassador was recalled after his wife was caught in a second assault altercation. In May of this year, CCTV emerged of the Belgian Ambassador’s wife, Xiang Xueqiu slapping a shop assistant. Staff at the store believed that Mrs. Xiang may have been shoplifting and wanted to check her clothing. Police decided to not pursue charges at the request of the victim.

The wife of the Belgium Ambassador has faced multiple criminal complaints for assault in the last six months.
Belgium has recalled its Ambassador immediately after second assault allegation.

More recently, Mrs Xiang was involved in an altercation with a street cleaner. Police did not pursue charges; the Belgian Ambassador is returning home immediately.

Accusations of criminal activity in Korea can cause significant damage to your career and can lead to deportation or jail time. The most important decision that you can make at the time is to hire a proactive English speaking attorney.

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