Constitutional Court Upholds Cellphone Ban While Driving

Long term foreign residents will note that the Korean Constitutional Court has upheld the rule banning the use of cellphones while driving. The court ruling stipulates that the ban isn’t a violation of the Korean Constitution.

Using cellphones while driving increases the risk of traffic accident and should be banned to protect the life, body, and property of the people. The law allows certain exceptions that permit the use of cellphones in emergency situations, minimizing unecessary inconvenience.

Korean Constitutional Court’s Spokesperson.

The court ruled that the KRW 200,000 won fine isn’t a punishment that violates the Constitution of Korea. The justices added the cellphone ban in the Road Traffic Act is, also, not a violation of law. Sean Hayes, formerly, worked for the Constitutional Court of Korea and shall be adding more articles on Korean Constitutional Law. Sean Hayes is the first non-Korean lawyer to have worked for the Korean court system. Sean, also, taught Constitutional Law at law firms in Korea and in the United States.

Korean constitutional court.

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