Content Opportunities for Int’l Entertainment Companies in Korea

The global success of BTS hasn’t gone unnoticed in the US, as Korea remains an excellent market for foreign companies actively pursuing content partnerships in Asia. Over the last decade, IPG Legal has built significant relationships with major entertainment companies in Korea and abroad and worked on several international collaborations.

British singer Ed Sheeran is the latest foreign entertainer to collaborate with a K-Pop band. Sheeran co-wrote the lyrics for the BTS single “Permission to Dance.” International content and entertainment companies are being actively encouraged by the Korean government.

The Korean Content Agency (KOCCA) has launched a new program for Korean entertainment companies to partner with foreign firms. Eligible firms shall be eligible for significant government financial support to work with international firms in foreign content markets.

Korean Entertainment Law
British singer Ed Sheeran co-wrote the latest hit Permission to Dance for supergroup BTS.

The government support is designed to produce results and represents an opportunity for a foreign firm to expand into the East Asian market.

Before you enter into an agreement with a Korean company, we recommend having your contract drafted by an experienced and proactive attorney that has on-the-ground experience in Korea. Many of these attorneys can, also, assist in making introductions needed to succeed in the Korean market. Before you enter the Korean market talk with an attorney, schedule a No-Charge Initial Consultation with an IPG Legal lawyer at: Schedule a Call with an Attorney in Korea.

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