Proposed Korean Law Aims to Break In-App Purchase Monopolies of Apple and Google

In an article that appeared in The Register, it was reported that legislators in Korea are proposing a law that aims to break the monopolies of App Stores such as Google and Apple.

Korean Law on App Purchases

In-app purchase (IAP) is defined by Real Simple as “any fee (beyond the initial cost of downloading the app, if there is one) an app may ask for.”

Currently Google and Apple require their app developers to use their in-app payment services when someone wishes to make an in-app purchase. This restriction is what the proposed legislation is trying to remove as it seeks to give developers the right to offer to their customers other in-app payment services. The law was pushed by Korean conglomerates looking to penetrate markets dominated by non-Korean players.

The full article may be found at: South Korea tables law to remove app stores’ in-app purchase monopolies | The Register.

We will monitor the development of this proposed legislation and we will post an article update if this proposal is fully enacted into law. If you would like to to have a legal consultation with a lawyer from Korea, you may schedule a No-Charge Initial Consultationat: Please Schedule a Call with an Attorney Here.

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