Korea emerges as an Arbitration Hub in East Asia

With several major international companies now calling Seoul home and many international construction contracts choosing Seoul as the venue for arbitration, international arbitration matters are on the rise in Korea. American, Australian, British, Chinese, Indian, German have expanded their interest in the growing Korean market. International conglomerates in Korea have long understood the value of the arbitration process. Regrettably, few Korean attorneys are capable of handling international arbitration cases in the English language, because of the lack of experience in complex international arbitration matters and the lack of adequate English language skills.

International companies are turning to arbitration to settle disputes in South Korea
Korean Commercial Arbitration Board in Seoul, Korea

The reality is Korea has few English-speaking arbitration attorneys capable of handling complex international arbitration matters, thus, many firms have turned to foreign attorneys to fill this glaring gap. Many readers may be prospectively weighing the options of executing contracts with and without arbitration clauses in Korean contracts (aka setting yourself up for prospective litigation battles in Korean courts or resolving a dispute in Korea with the help of an arbitration panel).

In most cases, we recommend that our clients consider arbitration over litigation in Korea. In most cases, IPG recommends arbitration over litigation for expat companies doing business in Korea and/or with Korean companies.

While of course, every case is unique, we at IPG have found great success over the years fighting for our clients amidst the backdrop of arbitration.

Our Korean International Arbitration Team was, recently, ranked as the top Dispute Resolution Firm in Korea. IPG has an active Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Practice handling international commercial arbitration disputes. To discuss your needs for your business, schedule an appointment with an Arbitration Attorney in Korea. Please schedule at call at: Schedule a Call with an Attorney.

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