Calculating Child Support in Korea

The following Korean Child Support Table is applicable as of March of 2022. The top green line of the table is the amount of earning per month for the mother and the father. The orange line on the left is the age of the child, while the amounts in yellow are the costs per child. To calculate you obligations you calculate the sum owed to the custodial parent by your share of the family income.. For example, if your child is three years old and your income is KRW 8million and your spouse is custodial parent and she has no income, your monthly obligations would be between KRW 1,913,000 to KRW 2,066,000. Thus, you would be responsible for the total amount of child support. However, if you spouse’s income is KRW 4 million and your income is KRW 4 million you would be obliged to pay half of the family share.

The calculation method is, overall, straight forward and it is rare for a Family Court in Korea to depart from this formula, however, exceptions do occur in some cases. In cases where the non-custodial has low income, but a large amount of assets, the court sometimes departs from this formula.

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Korean Child Support Amounts

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