Top Law Firms in Korea for English-Speaking Clients According to 10 Magazine

We are proud to note that 10 Magazine listed us in an article titled 10 Lawyers in Seoul for English-Speaking Expats in Korea. IPG is listed under the title Large/International Law Firms. Thanks for the mention 10 Magazine. We love your work. IPG Legal and many of our lawyers were listed as top attorneys by numerous legal rating services and magazines. Sean Hayes was, also, rated a top 100 Attorney.

The article by 10 Magazine on the law firms in Korea notes:

The lawyers of IPG focus on business law, civil litigation, franchise law, and criminal defense. With affiliated offices around the world, they’re a good choice for cross-border issues. One of the partners there, Sean Hayes, runs one of the best English blogs on the Korean legal landscape, The Korean Law Blog. If the constantly-changing legal environment of this country interests you, it will make an excellent resource.

The complete list of the 10 Law Firms for English-Speaking Foreigners in Korea is:

Large/International Law Firms in Korea

  • IPG Legal
  • Yulchon
  • Lee & Ko
  • Kim & Chang

Smaller Law Firms in Korea

  • Pureun Law
  • Taeshin
  • Tek & Law
  • Yeyul Law Firm
  • Kangnam Labor Law Firm

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