Foreign Franchisees Joining the Korean Franchise Association

The Korean Franchise Association is an organization that is authorized/licensed by the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy. All domestic and foreign franchises that have registered Franchise Disclosure Statements with the Korean Fair Trade Commission can apply to the Korean Franchise Association.

Korean Franchise Association

IPG Legal believes, most foreign franchisors, should join the Korean Franchise Association. The KFA is an excellent resource for market intelligence and an excellent conduit to understand the unique aspects of the Korean franchise market and Korea’s Franchise Laws. Many clients of IPG joined the KFA and are active members. The resources available at the KFA, in English, are limited, but many individuals involved with the KFA are fluent in English.

Korean Franchise Association
Korea Franchise Association is the largest franchise economic organization (licensed under the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, 2013-43). Established in 1998 with 6 national branches and 1 overseas branch in LA and 1,000 members. KFA complies with ethical management principles for win-win cooperation and mutual growth between franchisors and franchisees and aims to mutual increase the welfare and sound development of the franchise industry through educational training, common logistics, training programs etc. KFA’s final goal is to contribute to the improvement of members’ economic position and the balanced development of national economy.

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